New York State Mandated Reporter Training

When initially applying for a New York license, certification, or limited permit, select individuals are required to provide documentation of having completed two hours of training in the identification and reporting of child abuse and maltreatment. This is a one-time requirement and once taken does not need to be completed again.

To satisfy this requirement, you should complete the course with an approved New York State child abuse provider.

Group of young children smilingLook no further! Advantedge Education is an approved New York State child abuse identification and reporting training provider and was assigned provider number 10685. We deliver an engaging online learning environment that meets the New York State curriculum and is enriched with the experiences of two expert case workers who provided real examples of children who experienced abuse. Once you complete the course, we securely transmit your record of completion to the New York State Education Department.

Did you know? Some workplaces that specialize in the care of children require this training every year, so you may want to check with your education department at your place of employment to be sure you are compliant.


You can expect to receive the most current information about child abuse in New York and the nation. Topics in the Child Abuse: Mandated Reporter Training in New York State online course include:

  • History of child abuse
  • Mandated reporters
  • Child Protective Services
  • State Central Register
  • New York State definitions
  • Types and indicators of abuse
  • Role of the mandated reporter
  • Specific responsibilities for reporting

Am I required to take this course? Visit the New York State Education Department website to find out.

Interested in learning more about this course? Check out the child abuse course info page for additional details.