Evolution of a gamified formative assessment

Image of DevLearn 2017 speaker badgeAt this moment we’re celebrating that our speaker proposal for DevLearn 2017 was accepted for our business: Advantedge Education. Yay!!!

Evolution of a gamified formative assessment. Lessons learned on the way has been added to the 2017 program.

This presentation will share how Advantedge Education turned a face-to-face academic class about nursing laws and practice into a dynamic, gamified, learner-centric formative assessment. I’ll be forthright, the current version of this game took years of fine tuning, and it’s truly an honor to be able to share the evolution of the game as a result of:

  • learner engagement and feedback,
  • developing technology, and using
  • Agile learning design.

During the session we’ll share our hurdles and victories, and you’ll leave with practical ideas that you can try in your next course design. Want to learn more? Sorry, you’ll have to wait until the conference! (Just kidding.) Send us a message in the comments, or email, or visit our website to connect. We’d be happy to speak with you!

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