Advantedge Education and the Green Screen

What a fun and exciting day for Advantedge Education! Being lifelong learners at heart, we are always open to new inspiration and experiences. We completed our first ever professional video production in front of a green screen and wanted to share these images with you. It’s not often you get to see what’s behind the scenes in making our courses come alive for our learners. There’s a lot of heart that goes into our courses.

This wonderful venture is part of our 7-part course series that is currently being developed to enhance the care you provide to those with hearing loss. The videos will be used in different places throughout the series to demonstrate how to care for hearing technology. We are eager to share these videos and this series with you.

Be sure to stay connected with us so you know when the series is available for you and your staff! Filmed in front of a green screen before? Tell us about it below.