Advancing Your Nursing Degree – new book for nurses and nurse educators

The Value of Nursing Education

As a clinical nurse and an educator for many years, I have consistently communicated to my students the value of continuing their education, whether that means getting an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree, or even a doctoral degree. Usually they look at me as though I’m nuts, and just want to finish their current degree, but of late, more and more are seeing the light!

Complexity of Health Today

The value of formal and continuing education for nurses cannot be over emphasized, especially in the current healthcare environment where only the very sick are in acute care, and where many are cared for in the home who used to be in the hospital. The environment is complex today, and the need for educated nurses who can manage complex problems in multiple settings is now the norm.

Advancing Your Nursing Degree

Book cover of Advancing Your Nursing DegreeWith that said, there is a new book titled Advancing Your Nursing Degree: The Experienced Nurses Guide to Returning to School which I encourage you to consider adding to your personal library. The book was written by my friend and colleague Debra Wolff, DNS, PCNP, RN (who by the way, works across the hall from us) to help nurses take that next step to further their education. In her book, Deb shares the reasons why nurses hesitate to go on, offering the barriers to continuing their education, from family obligations to financial constraints. She has interviewed many nurses and shares their personal experiences about how they successfully balanced work, family and finances while continuing their quest to become a more educated nurse. She shares resources that can help the nurse to tackle the technology of today, a daunting task for those of us who were not formally trained on computers, myself included. Deb presents the material in such an easy to follow, conversational voice, and I think that nurses and educators will treasure and share this book with students and colleagues. Together we can and certainly should promote nursing education!

It’s an honor for Advantedge Education to be acknowledged for helping to edit the technical sections. Thank you Deb for writing this valuable book and congratulations on getting it published!