About Us


You’re busy and probably overwhelmed with information both in your work and personal life, which is why we’ve put together this Healthcare  News and Wellness Tips Blog. Advantedge Education’s goal is to provide you with current news and wellness tips that is relevant to nurses, physicians, other healthcare professionals, as well as individuals interested in health and wellness.

What else do we do?

Based right in the Capital District of New York State, Advantedge Education’s core business is to design and develop online courses that immerse you in an engaging learning environment. This is far beyond the click and read style of eLearning. By presenting evidence-based content in a compelling way, you will learn, understand and retain more of the course material. Whether you are eLearning at home, in the workplace, or on the go, the courses at Advantedge Education are accessible on your own schedule and at your own pace.

Be sure to stop by our website to see us in action. Contact us if you have feedback about the blog, if you have a learning need at your place of work, or just want to say hello. We hope you’ll join the conversation and look forward to hearing from you!