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doctor-patient relationship
“What’s going on is more dysfunctional than I imagined in my worst moments,” writes Megan O’Rourke, a young woman who spent years battling an undiagnosed illness. Rourke’s personal experience with the U.S. healthcare system is marked by frustration, but she’s not angry with her doctors. Rather, she’s concerned about the […]

Healing the Heart of the Healthcare Crisis

teaching kids about healthy eating
Childhood obesity rates are on the rise, but there’s only so much that healthcare providers can do. Doctors and nurses can share information about diet and exercise, but children model what they see. That’s why, for parents, it’s important to show kids how to eat a healthy diet. By involving […]

Teaching Parents About Childhood Nutrition

Did you grow up without electronic devices? Your children won’t, and that could affect their development. In “Babies Don’t Need Smartphones”, columnist Judith L. Page explains how children’s increased use of technology could harm their hearing and impede their speech and social development. For parents whose older kids tune them out, […]

Is Technology Bad for Toddlers?

Greenhouse tomatoes
Americans are asking for locally-grown and organic foods, but how can residents of cities and suburbs find nutrient-rich vegetables that aren’t trucked in from hundreds of miles away? Farmers markets provide part of the answer, but supply must meet demand. The decline of small family farms is well-known, and not […]

Indoor Farming, Nutrition, and Food Security

genetic manipulation
The human genome is complex, but DNA sequences are written in combinations of just four letters. Using a new technology called CRISPR, scientists can edit these sequences with speed, precision, and complexity. The potential therapeutic benefits are numerous, but genetic manipulation is not without risk. On a practical level, CRISPR […]

Medical Ethics and Genetic Manipulation