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Paleo Diet
Are we really just Stone Age people living in the Space Age? And is that why so many Americans are unhealthy and overweight? Zach S. Conrad, PhD, professor emeritus in the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University, blames modern diets for many of our health-related problems. […]

The Paleo Diet and Patient Health

Child Vaccination Coverage
Vaccinations will prevent nearly 325 million cases of disease among U.S. children born between 1994 and 2013. Yet not all children will receive all of the vaccines recommended by Healthy People 2020, a set of goals and objectives with 10-year targets for national health promotion and disease prevention. As the […]

How Childhood Vaccination Coverage Varies

Food allergies can be life-threatening, but can a diet that’s rich in certain foods increase longevity and reduce the risk of disease and inflammation? The search for “super foods” isn’t new, but recently published research in Environmental Nutrition indicates that nuts and peanuts, blueberries, and basil may have important health […]

Encouraging Nutrition and Managing Patient Expectations

Palliative Care
Twenty years ago, a study involving more than 4,000 patients revealed substantial shortcomings in how U.S. hospitals care for the seriously ill. Known by the acronym SUPPORT, this 1995 study underscored the importance of palliative care, which seeks to improve the quality of life for patients with advanced illnesses. “Yet […]

How to Improve Palliative Care