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Doctors should breathe and not cry
As a medical student, Dr. Elizabeth Levin cried while caring for a breast cancer patient. In the process, Dr. Levin admits, she upset the patient and made a difficult situation even worse. Patients say they want doctors to show compassion, but do patients really want medical professionals to express empathy […]

Good Doctors Don’t Cry. They Breathe.

EMS responders performing CPR
600,000 Americans In “A Time to Act”, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) tells the story of what it’s like to have your heart stop functioning. Each year, approximately 600,000 Americans experience a cardiac arrest. In hospital settings, the survival rate is just 24%. In community settings, that rate falls to […]

How to Improve Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates

Picture of elderly man with lung cancer
Do medical ethics support doctor-assisted dying? Breaking the Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm, for many physicians would be impossible, but let’s take a closer look at this issue and begin a dialogue. Consider the individuals who would benefit from the assistance of their doctor, the trusted individual who has […]

Is the United States Ready for Doctor-Assisted Dying?